Mechanical Calibration Services

Precise Technical Solutions (PTS) is an advanced mechanical calibration company serving a wide range of demanding clients across several industries. Offering around-the-clock service, we make it easy to meet any calibration requirement for your mechanical measurement and testing equipment.

Torque Wrench Calibration

Torque wrenches must be routinely calibrated to ensure the proper installation of lug nuts, bolts, and other fasteners in key manufacturing and repair processes. PTS is a valued partner to the defense, automotive and aerospace industries, helping a diverse range of clients maintain high quality control standards and meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

Our experienced technicians use sophisticated torque calibration equipment and, when necessary, OEM parts to service tools by all major manufacturers.

Pressure Gauge Calibration

Calibration of pressure sensors, transducers and gauges is another one of our core mechanical service offerings. We can provide fast calibrations of air, pneumatic, digital, hydraulic, differential and other pressure gauge types. All of our mechanical calibrations are NIST-traceable. If you’re not sure how often your pressure gauges and other equipment should be calibrated, we can assess your facilities and develop a comprehensive service schedule that ensures your vital measuring and monitoring devices are working their best at all times.

Other Mechanical Calibrations

Our company has invested heavily in the technology and training necessary to properly calibrate almost any mechanical device. In addition to pressure gauge and torque wrench calibrations, we can also service industrial balances/scales, dynamometers, force transducers, pressure/temperature transmitters and more. Contact our team directly to discuss your calibration needs and find out how we can help.

In-House or On-Site Service Available

Based in Harrisburg, PTS can perform torque wrench calibrations for clients in PA and beyond. We offer service both in-house and at your facilities. For in-house service, we can arrange pickup and delivery of your instruments at your convenience. For on-site calibrations, our team will arrive with everything they need to get the job done with minimal amount of disruption to your staff.

We also offer consulting, training and process outsourcing that can help you solve persistent issues with consistency, accuracy and cost control. Contact us today to request a quote!