Expert Pipette and Micropipette Calibration Services

When your business depends on the accuracy of your equipment, you need a calibration partner you can trust. For expert, accurate calibrations that align you with regulatory standards, partner with Precise Technical Solutions (PTS).

Providing analytical, calibration, compliance and validation services to the biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical industries since 1979, we offer a full range of laboratory equipment calibration/qualification, maintenance and repair services.

Comprehensive Calibration Services

Whatever your industry, application or instrument, PTS can perform accurate and dependable calibrations. Our wide range of capabilities includes calibrations for:

BalometersConductivityGas MonitorsPipettes
Biological Safety CabinetsDataloggersIncubatorsScales/Balances
BurettesDissolution BathsKaye Validators/SimsTemperature Mapping
CentrifugesFreezer/RefrigeratorsLyophilizersWater Analytics
Clean RoomsFume HoodspH Meters/TransmittersWater Baths

Don’t see the calibration you need listed here? Contact us today about customized calibrations for your unique applications.

Accurate Pipette and Micropipette Calibration

One of our key services is pipette and micropipette calibration. We’ll come to your site to perform the calibration, or we’ll pick up your pipettes and take them to our environmentally controlled lab.

Using photometric and gravimetric pipette calibration procedure methods, we test volumetric dispensing equipment that has both single and multi-channel configurations. If you need to meet compliance with FDA, cGMP, cGLP, USP or ISO standards, we can ensure your pipettes and micropipettes align.

Calibrations Performed to the Most Exacting Standards

The success of your company depends on accurate instrumentation. That’s why PTS is committed to the highest-quality results.

We perform calibrations using today’s leading equipment backed by our specialized technical knowledge and performed by our highly trained and experienced team. With PTS as your partner, you can rest assured your equipment is properly calibrated to the most exacting standards.

Enjoy Convenience and Cost Savings

Not only do you benefit from our delivery service and on-site calibrations, but you’ll also appreciate the extra steps we take to ensure a smooth process. From our quick turnaround times — seven to 10 days with expedited service available — to our contracting options that offer additional cost-savings over our already competitive pricing, you’ll be glad you chose PTS.

Your Full-Service Provider

We do more than just provide dependable scale calibration service and calibrations for your other lab equipment. PTS also performs certifications, adjustments, repairs and maintenance. When you need to comply with regulatory standards, we’ll ensure your equipment aligns, and we’ll back it up with the proper documentation.

If your equipment isn’t properly calibrated, we’ll adjust it so it is. Should your equipment require more than simple adjustments, you can count on PTS for quick repairs. Thanks to our OEM-trained technicians, fully stocked inventory of common OEM parts and 24/7 service plans, you’ll have your equipment back up and working quickly, preventing costly extended downtime.

Instead of working with multiple vendors and timelines for your lab equipment needs, choose the one company that does it all: PTS. You’ll save time, money and frustrations by consolidating your lab equipment services with PTS. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company.